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Dan German is a Milford resident that has owned and operated a business here in Milford for over 30 years. Dan owns German Financial, an insurance and financial advisory practice, as well as serving on the Milford Board of Aldermen for 10 years. With his unique expertise he is the natural choice for the next Mayor of Milford. Vote DAN GERMAN for MAYOR on November 5th.

“I believe my vision for Milford, my business experience, management and financial skills and life experiences put me in the best position to be the next mayor of the great city of Milford.”

– Dan German


I have a plan to honestly and effectively reduce taxes through increased efficiencies rather than kicking the can down the road by borrowing and bonding. The cities borrowing has nearly doubled, and pension funding has fallen behind. Debt payments are up to $18 Million per year and growing! We are draining our retirement funds to cut taxes and taking out loans for the future.

We need to fix our roads, potholes and infrastructure.

We need to fix our roads and infrastructure. We MUST address our flooding issues and improve beautification. Especially along the shoreline. Many people use the shoreline to Bike, Run and Walk. There was a recent Half Marathon at Gulf Beach and Folks on Spokes bike race, with hundreds of bikers using the roads and some can be a potential hazard.  

We have 17 miles of beach and coastline in Milford, more than any other town in CT. It’s important that we focus some of our energy on beach erosion and shoreline flooding. We are losing our beaches to erosion and it threatens housing and sometimes utilities. We also need to work as a community to keep our beaches clean and our local sea life healthy and thriving.

We need to attract and retain more businesses.

It seems like small businesses are getting clobbered in Connecticut under democratic rule. I talk to many small business owners who now are faced with the minimum wage increase, more taxes and more regulations. How can they afford to stay in business? We need to do more to attract and retain business and eliminate all the empty spaces and vacant buildings. As a business owner for 35 years, I know what small business owners want and need. My plans are to work collectively with small businesses to make life easier not harder. Mayor claims in a recent publication that the occupancy rate for business and commercial buildings in the city are at 96% filled. Yet there is a lot of empty space right here in downtown and certainly on the post road.

It starts with the zoning and the permitting process which needs to be streamlined and shortened and we need to create a ‘business friendly’ environment. The Blake administration tried to prevent a popular downtown eatery from opening their outdoor dining patio! That is an example of anti-business.

I also have a plan to create incentives for store fronts for beautification and creating storefront curb-appeal. The success of our businesses will contribute to the tax base and result in a lower tax rate.

Preserve our historic significance and beauty. Also, address our 8-30g affordable housing concerns.

And lets do more to preserve our historic past and protect our old homes and old trees that add value to our town! We’ve seen a temporary hold on the 8-30g affordable housing boom, but it will be back. And I have a plan to head it off.

I am passionate about the beautification of Milford, especially downtown and Post Road. I have dedicated time to working with the local farms and garden suppliers like Filanowski’s Farm @filanowski to help bring some color to the city and @downtownmilfordconnecticut. I have a plan to get more storefronts to participate in the beautification project.

I also have a plan to promote health and wellness citywide.

Health insurance benefits for city employees are the cities largest expense (other than payroll). Milford is self-insured with a healthcare budget of over $45 million per year. I have a plan that will potentially save millions of dollars a year by making a shift to be more proactive and focus on prevention. Healthcare costs will continue to rise if we don’t address it. 

As you may know, my background and passion in health & wellness goes back 35+ years beginning with my high school and college athletic career to a commercial fitness/gym owner. I realize the value and importance of focusing on wellness and prevention vs ‘sick care’ and prescription management. I feel it is important for me to share with the voter’s areas where we can achieve greater cost savings annually. The city is self-insured and each year when our municipal budget is addressed, this is our greatest line item expense. The need to implement programs and incentives for weight control, ways to address hypertension, diabetes and cardiac related issues as well as substance abuse can only result in cost savings. Corporate leaders have been doing this for years and have realized that it is far less expensive to stay healthy than to manage illness. With a healthy lifestyle, a majority of all illnesses are preventable. And Milford, with our 17 miles of coastline, provides a beautiful shoreline for biking, running, walking and recreational activities to promote healthy lifestyles.

We need to promote our growing arts and tourism.

I am a huge supporter of the Arts, Music and Milford Tourism. It’s simple, music and arts bring people together. I support a strong Milford venue that will keep people local and attract new people to the area. It will also bring in valuable revenue to the city each year. This will maximize the use of existing facilities and buildings that we already own and maintain.

I would like to see more social areas to bring people together professionally and socially, so they can interact physically instead of online via social media.

Supporting Our Police Department

We need to support our police department and the officers that work hard every day to protect us! I support spending money on a new police station, instead of spending millions on a new convention center the Mayor currently has in progress.  Our station is outdated, outgrown and has been for years. Do you know where your tax dollars are going?

Our School System

Did you know that almost 60% of our total city budget, and your tax dollars, goes towards Education? Milford is ranked 69 of 200 school districts, Orange #4. And we have a Declining enrollment, yet No long-range plan! We need to do more to support a strong school system.

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Group picture of Dan German supporters at the campaign kickoff

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Image of Anthony Giannattasio and Dan German
Dan German and Anthony Giannattasio at Stonebridge for the Dan German for Mayor kickoff event.

We have someone who has a Masters in Business! He has 30+ years of business experience and 10 years of government experience. He knows healthcare and is very passionate about the environmental issues. And that’s going to go a long way this campaign.

– Alderman and Minority Chairman Anthony Giannattasio


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